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Let me have the opportunity to take your story, condense it down into a script, create the elements for your story, put all the audio and video pieces together.

I have worked for TV stations and production companies creating everything from feature films, music videos, national and local television series, commercials, corporate shows, to creating content for today’s web video space.

Through all the different productions one thing has remained constant. The need to tell the story to the audience in a way that captures their attention and imagination so the viewer understands, or is motivated by, the story.

As Karl Newman Productions I can take your existing work and make it better or we can start from scratch to craft your story for your audience. I can bring together the perfect group of people to make whatever you need happen for your audience in a manner that will be engaging for the audience and enjoyable for all.

Let me show you what I can do to help you tell your story.

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